Sunday, August 28, 2011

stitched into sweet goodness...

After years of telling my mom that I thought sewing was boring; I finally craved this art form, and found myself loving it!  From scraps to "sweet goodness" I created something that most all of us girls fancy...VOILA!

This small 9" purse took me a total of 1.5 hrs to complete; which includes some interruptions in life :) everything you see was cut out, and stitched by me without the aid of my so happy I accomplished a small little sewing project all by myself. Now I am off to bigger and brighter things after I wrap this little 'rosebud' up to give to a friend.  ciao bellas! 

ps. some things in life you have to do yourself in order to really learn it, grasp it, and love it.  It may be a form of art or; you fill in the can be done! so, never say never--just do it! :) 

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