Monday, August 2, 2010

another year older...

My grandparents just celebrated their 88th and 89th birthday - as well as their 65th anniversary!   They never cease to make me smile and laugh- love them! :)  To celebrate these significant stepping stones my cousin and I did something special...  At my cousin's wedding she had an Italian ribbon cake with bavarian cream filling made to celebrate their Italian and German heritage :)  Their smiling faces were priceless. 
A week after the wedding I had a cake design project due for a decorating class.  My mom suggested that I design a cake that my grandpa would absolutely love.  So, i took an afternoon to bake and design a Yankees cake for his 89th birthday, which was the same day my project was due! :)  After many hours of detailed work - the cake was finished! :) 

A chocolate fudge cake with chocolate pudding inside.  Seen is a grass mound, baseball, Yankees #89 jersey, and a Yankees baseball cap.  The cake was delicious and I had a very happy grampa! :)

 In addition to the cake, I did something special for my gramma's birthday.  I made her four banana cake muffins. (using her recipe)

:) I enjoyed designing these fun and yummy creations for two wonderful people!  I hope you enjoyed them too :)
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  1. Wow K!!!! Cupcakes are amazing!!! Can't wait to see lots more of your work!:)

  2. These all look fantastic! Your grampa must have been SO pleased~ a labor of love!

  3. You also should post the kaleidoscope of a cake you made for Linda's birthday / bon voyage dinner. That was really cool, too!
    PS- If you are interested, there are a few classes through OCM BOCES on cake decor & flower work this fall! They are taught by the lady who made our wedding cake / Gram & Gramps cake. We could take them together!?!?!