Friday, July 2, 2010

I bid you all a warm welcome!

I would like to welcome everyone to my blog!  The purpose for creating this blog is to share my art with you, in hopes that you will find it tastefully appealing to the eye.  Everything that I make is for you, your home, friends, family and special occasions.  I am working hard to get this blog up and running for your enjoyment. Thank you for your patience and welcome!


  1. this is a start to a new journey, looking forward to seeing your creations posted!
    mom ;)

  2. very nice =) definitely looking forward to where this path takes ya and the many opportunities that will come due to this adventure


  3. Saw Judi's post and came over to say hello! Welcome to blogland!!

  4. Welcome! Saw your mom's announcement and had to come over to say hi.
    Your flower bouquets are so pretty!